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Frequently Asked Questions About How Executive Coaching Sessions Work

  • How Many Clients Do You Serve?
    Client selection and fit are key to an effective relationship. As owner of a boutique coaching practice, I choose to serve a limited number of clients.
  • What Makes a "Good Fit?"
    A fit is determined largely the client's circumstances and needs. The client's willingness to engage in the process and relationship is critical to success. Conversely, a poor fit will likely yield a poor return on the investment in the coaching process. My goal is the client's success.
  • Do You Offer A Discovery Session?
    I offer a free thirty-minute Discovery Session talk about the client’s needs and fit. Serious inquiries only.
  • What Is The Client Portal?
    Scheduling sessions, managing tasks, sharing documents, and private chats are all handled in the private portal. Client confidentiality and privacy are important, and a private client portal is essential to this goal.
  • Are Sessions Confidential?
    Yes. We adhere to the International Coaching Federation standards of confidentiality and ethics.
  • When Do We Meet?
    I meet with clients Monday through Thursday from 10AM to 5PM Mountain Time. I am open to discussing mutually agreeable alternative times if necessary.
  • How Do We Meet?
    Most meetings occur over Zoom (Zoom link provided by The Nexus Initiative). I am willing to meet clients in the Denver Metro area in person. Travel to a client's location is considered as necessary.
  • What Is a Session Like?
    Each session* is focused on the agreed-upon goals established by the client at the start of or during the session. Components: - A brief check-in to assess how the client is entering the conversation (mood, energy level, etc.). - A short review of the time since the client's previous session - discussing specific areas of focus. - A longer conversation centering on the client's area of choice. - A 5-minute recap of key insights learned, action items, and follow-through mechanisms. *Sessions are usually one-hour.
  • Can You Be More Specfiic About The Coach's Role?
    Coaches ask a lot of questions in order to help understand the client and leading the client to understand themselves. Additionally, a coach can wear many hats during a client session, including confidant, challenger, devil's advocate, supporter, cheer-leader, etc., depending on where the client is in the process.
  • Will There Be Homework?
    Sometimes homework helps the client with "the work" of gaining deeper insights into personal values, identity, where they are in the process, where they want to go, and what's holding them back. Reflecting can be a form of longer-term thinking that enables the client to consider bigger-picture questions of life and/or career. A common homework assignment involves reflecting on a deeper topic.
  • Do You Have a Standard Program or Process?
    Each client situation is unique. I do not use a one-size-fits-all program. Rather, at our initial meeting, I focus on understanding the client’s needs and circumstances, then tailor a program accordingly using conversation and a series of written questions and answers. Understanding the client is foundational to achieving successful coaching outcomes.
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