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Worry Is Normal When Trying Something New

Updated: Mar 27

Starting new ventures, initiating new ideas, and launching new products generates many emotions. Many of which are conflicting. Fear, worry, and excitement are a few.

You Are Not Alone Social Media Series post about worry being a normal part of new experiences
You Are Not Alone Social Media Series

If you have worries about if you can do it, if it’s possible, if you have what it takes, if others will think less of you, you are not alone.

Worry Is Normal When Trying Something New

It’s normal and part of the process. Recognize it when it happens, accept its presence as part of the process, process it as normal, and move through it. Doing so builds your skills of emotional awareness and resilience. So, remember, worry is normal when you are trying something new.

You Are Not Alone - Social Media Series

Today, we are launching a new Social Media Series called “You Are Not Alone.” The genesis of this social media series is that we often feel better knowing our thoughts and emotions are similar to others. That others have felt or experienced the same thing we have felt. Becoming aware that our feelings or thoughts are shared amongst other people normalizes them and helps us more readily accept them as part and parcel of our human condition. Once we accept them, we can move through and beyond them.

About The Nexus Initiative

The Nexus Initiative is a boutique executive coaching firm whose mission is to develop emotionally intelligent and mentally agile leaders and teams. Our approach leverages real-world operating experience, multi-disciplinary thinking, industry-leading certifications, and a Wharton MBA.

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