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Three Key Hiring Traits

Updated: Mar 27

Buffett’s quote is a 10-second master class on hiring.

Post about Buffett quote about how to hire well.  He looks for intelligence, initiative, and integrity
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The Three Key Hiring Traits:

He rightfully calls out the three key hiring traits: intelligence, initiative, and integrity.

Of the three, integrity is sort of a “first among equals” trait.

If a candidate doesn’t have it, the other two become moot.

Over time, people do not want to work with those who do not embrace the right way to work.

Substance AND style matter, Buffett is saying.

Meaningful Quotes Social Media Series

Quotes are often a dime a dozen on the internet and can be more noise than signal. My intent with the Meaningful Quotes Social Media Series is to curate — meaningful — quotes and pass them along.

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