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Stasis Does Not Exist

Updated: Mar 27

“Let’s just keep things the way they are.” 

I’ve heard this too many times to count. 

Thought Provocateur Social Media Series post about how stasis does not existing in a rapidly changing world
Thought Provocateur Social Media Series

There is often perceived safety in maintaining "stasis." In maintaining the status quo. In not changing. In not adapting.

While understandable, the posture often provides a false - and luring - sense of security. Like the sirens in Greek Mythology, belief in the false safety of "stasis" can be seductive and has led countless people and organizations to their demise and into the proverbial rocks.

Stasis Does Not Exist

Why? Because the world is constantly changing. With AI, you can argue it is now rapidly changing and in ways we cannot anticipate or forecast.

So, while you or your company may think there is safety in maintaining the status quo, you may be setting yourself up to fail because there may be a cost to inaction that is greater than the cost or risk of taking action or moving forward.  Stasis does not exist because your relative position in the world changes whether you make changes or not.

If the world is moving, and you are not moving, your relative position in it may be moving to one of less relevancy, less importance, or less demand. 

While you once found yourself in the center of the action, you may suddenly find yourself on the edges or fringes simply because you falsely believed that “stasis” was the safe option. It wasn’t. It was the “negative movement” option.

Careful consideration of this reality should be brought into strategic discussions on a regular basis. Understanding this reality is a core component of maintaining mental agility.

What’s the cost of inaction?

Thought Provocateur Social Media Series

The inspiration for the Thought Provocateur Social Media Series is that I love it when I encounter questions or bits of wisdom that stop me in my tracks. These insights stay in your head for more than five minutes and may come back later to revisit you. It’s when the signal outweighs the noise. You tend to remember them because they touch something deep inside of us.

About The Nexus Initiative

The Nexus Initiative is a boutique executive coaching firm whose mission is to develop emotionally intelligent and mentally agile leaders and teams. My approach leverages real-world operating experience, multi-disciplinary thinking, industry-leading certifications, and a Wharton MBA.

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