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Nvidia Broadcast App - Improve Your Online Presence

Updated: Apr 1

Want to create a more professional online video presence?

Today's Tech Stack post is about Nvidia's Broadcast app.

Nvidia Broadcast - An app to improve your online presence
Tech Stack - A Social Media Series of The Nexus Initiative

Nvidia Broadcast App

Simply put, it's an AI-powered app created by Nvidia that makes your online video presence appear more professional.*

Most of us spend a lot of time on online calls these days. Sometimes, where we are is not conducive to productive calls due to background noise, room echo, clutter, etc. I've found that Nvidia's Background app can help.

*Sidebar: AI processes run on Nvidia-powered GPUs, so these guys know something about AI! :)


NVIDIA Broadcast is an app that enhances live streams, voice chats, and video conference calls using AI.


Feature: Can eliminate/reduce background noise such as keyboard typing, microphone static, loud backgrounds, and room echo.Benefit: Helps you attend a meeting without having to find a quiet place and reduces distractions in online meetings

Feature: Virtual backgroundBenefit:

Professional quality virtual backgrounds. Better quality than Zoom.

Feature: Auto Frame.

Keeps your face in the center of the screen as you move

Benefit: Viewers always have a full view of your face.

Feature: Eliminates “visual noise”

Benefit: It makes your background cleaner and more professional.

Feature: Eye Contact

Benefit: Software always makes your eyes appear as if they are looking directly at the camera, even if you are looking to the side or taking notes. Beta release.

Comments: Requires a higher-end GPU.URL:

Tech Stack Social Media Series

The inspiration for the Tech Stack Social Media Series is that I love technology. It’s core to who I am. I aim to share technologies or services I encounter that others may find helpful. Feel free to share in return as well. With the advent of AI, technological change is accelerating. If you don’t stay abreast of it, you will fall behind. It is essential to stay “current” on technology matters.

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