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"How to Stay Motivated and Focused to Accomplish Your 2024 Goals - Week 3 Progress Report"

Updated: Mar 27

What if you could take one small step to increase your chances of accomplishing your 2024 goals?

Hourglass Social Media Series - Starting week 3
Hourglass Social Media Series

Your weekly update. It’s the start of week 3. January is nearly half over.

Week 2 is in the history books. 

Here are your statistics. Be purposeful about your use of your time. It's finite.


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HourGlass Social Media Series

The Hourglass is a weekly social media series from The Nexus Initiative. Its purpose is to provide more clarity about time. It's important to stay aware of it if you want to accomplish your goals.

About The Nexus Initiative

The Nexus Initiative is a boutique Executive Coaching and Advisory firm based on real-world operating experience. If you know someone looking for a trusted confidant with real-world operating experience to be their coach, please setup a discovery call. 

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