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"Here's a Simple Method Help Manage Stress and Anxiety"

Updated: Mar 27

A "two-word" super-power hack to help you better manage stress or anxiety?


So, what is it? 

It’s the two words….

Right. Now.

Thought Provocateur Social Media Series post about how to better manage anxiety
Thought Provocateur Social Media Series

Try adding them to whatever worst-case thought you are having and see how they can have a near-instant calming effect.

Here is Simple Method to Manage Anxiety and Stress in Practice

Some examples:

“I have no idea how I will get through this” ..... becomes,

“I have no idea how I will get through this. Right. Now.”


“I don’t know how this will work ” ..... becomes,

“I don’t know how this will work. Right. Now.”


“It’s just how things are” ..... becomes,

“It’s just how things are. Right. Now”

See the effect with these simple methods to managing stress and anxiety?

When stressed, a natural coping mechanism of the brain is to assume the worst-case scenario. The psychological word is “catastrophizing.”

It’s a protective mechanism that helps you prepare for the worst-case scenario. If you’ve prepared for the worst case, then anything else is more easily managed because it’s not as bad.

Adding the words “right now” to the end of catastrophizing thoughts reframes them to what is actually true. The truth is you don’t know: a) how you will get through this "right now," or b) how it will work "right now," or c) if things will change "right now." However, just because you don't know doesn't mean you will never know. That is oftentimes a false leap that creates unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

Things may change in five minutes, five days, five months… or never. You simply don't know more than how things are right now.

Without the words “right now,” the brain assumes it will never happen (which in some scenarios may be true). It then begins its preparation for the worst case. It doesn't give much credence to the notion that you may find a solution in five minutes, five days, or five months - which may be the more likely outcome.

Short circuit that process with the words “right now” for an easy hack.

Thought Provocateur Social Media Series

The inspiration for the Thought Provocateur Social Media Series is that I love it when I encounter questions or bits of wisdom that stop me in my tracks. These insights tend to stay in your head for more than five minutes and may come back later to revisit you. It’s when the signal outweighs the noise. You tend to remember them because they touch something deep inside of us.

About The Nexus Initiative

The Nexus Initiative is a boutique executive coaching firm whose mission is to develop emotionally intelligent and mentally agile leaders and teams. My approach leverages real-world operating experience, multi-disciplinary thinking, industry-leading certifications, and a Wharton MBA.

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