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High-Performance Teams Are Built on Trust

Updated: Apr 1

Google's Project Aristotle Confirmed High-Performance Teams Are Built on Trust

Introducing My Team"Work" Social Media Series

Today, I’m proud to announce my sixth social media series called Team “work.”  

The focus of this series is on the "work" of making teams work better together.  

Google commissioned a study, Project Aristotle, to understand the factors of high-performance teams. They found the number one driver was "psychological safety," which is essentially creating an environment where teams felt safe and that they could trust their teammates when discussing difficult or controversial matters.

If you want to develop a high-performance team-based culture, you must understand the importance of trust. Google has proven that high-performance teams are built on trust.

If your competitor is better at this than you, they have an advantage.  

Post discusses the importance of team trust on team performance
Teamwork - A Social Media Series of The Nexus Initiative

Questions for consideration:

- How would you define trust?

- What are the components of trust?

- How do you develop and maintain a culture of trust in your organization?

- What makes trust important?

- Have you ever seen a high-performing team that didn’t have trust?

- What does trust look like in a team?

- How would you measure the trust level within the team?

- What behaviors enhance and erode trust?

Teamwork Social Media Series

The Teamwork Social Media Series from The Nexus Initiative focuses on the “work” of making teams work better together. Teams that do the “work” of building teamwork provide a competitive advantage for their companies.

About The Nexus Initiative

The Nexus Initiative is a boutique Executive Coaching and Advisory firm based on real-world operating experience. If you know someone looking for a trusted confidant with real-world operating experience to be their coach, please refer them to my website to setup a discovery call.

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