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Grammarly - How did I work without it?....

Updated: Mar 27

I have to admit….

I have always been a bit jealous of people who can write well. There’s not much better than reading good prose.

Unfortunately, writing has not always come easy to me.

I’ve often found myself omitting the word “the” here or the word “an” there or not paying enough attention to grammar.

Often, it’s because I’m rushing to finish something and haven’t taken the time to proof what I’ve written.

With all the “writing tech” that’s available these days, it’s hard to have a justifiable excuse anymore.

Grammarly - A great grammar editor that is worth the money.

Discovering Grammarly made a huge difference for me. It helps catch omissions and speed up the writing and editing process.

A post about Grammarly - an online grammar editor
Tech Stack - A Social Media Series of The Nexus Initiative

It has been a Godsend, to say the least.

Check it out. There's even a free version.

Tech Stack Social Media Series

The inspiration for the Tech Stack Social Media Series is that I love technology. It’s core to who I am. I aim to share technologies or services I encounter that others may find helpful. Feel free to share in return as well. With the advent of AI, technological change is accelerating. If you don’t stay abreast of it, you will fall behind. It is essential to stay “current" on technology matters.

About The Nexus Initiative

The Nexus Initiative is a boutique Executive Coaching and Advisory firm based on real-world operating experience. If you know someone looking for a trusted confidant with real-world operating experience to be their coach, please refer them to my website to set up a discovery call. 

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