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How To Give Grace To Others - A Unique Perspective

Updated: Mar 27

I just heard a quote from Jason Alexander that stopped me in my tracks.

Yes, ... THAT Jason Alexander - the one who played George Constanza in Seinfeld.

“We don’t get mad at a flower bud because it isn’t a flower yet. It’s gonna be a flower, but it opens when it’s time for it to open.”

Post about seeing people as flower buds waiting to open.  We don't yell at flower buds because they have not opened yet, why do we yell at people?
Meaningful Quotes - A Social Media Series of The Nexus Initiative

I love that quote because it applies in so many ways to all of us in all aspects of our lives.

I believe people may be flower buds for their entire lives. Does anyone - ever - arrive? It’s about progress, not perfection.

If you want to give grace to's a perspective

Here are some takeways if you want to give grace to others... and yourself too!

To ourselves: Give yourself grace and patience to grow and get better.

To kids: They are learning just like we did. Yes, they make mistakes and drive us crazy sometimes. They are still flower buds, nonetheless. Go easy.

To co-workers: if someone is new to a job, give them the patience to grow into the role. Expect mistakes and learn from them. Mistakes are not flaws. They are an essential part of the process of becoming a flower.

To loved ones: Nobody has this thing called life figured out. Have grace for each other.

To our fellow citizenry: People are flower buds - let’s be patient and kind with each other. There’s often more that unites us than divides us. It can be easy to forget that in today’s world.

Here’s the link to the video clip on TikTok:

Meaningful Quotes Social Media Series

Quotes are often a dime a dozen on the internet and can be more noise than signal. My intent with the Meaningful Quotes Social Media Series is to curate — meaningful — quotes and pass them along.

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