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Eliminate Ambiguity Whenever You See It

Updated: Mar 27

If you’ve spent enough time in organizations, you know that specific goals, directions, or targets are the things that - actually - get done.

Back 2 Basics Social Media Series post about eliminating ambiguity
Back 2 Basics Social Media Series

Eliminate Ambiguity Whenever You See It

Pervasive vagueness is often a disguise for cultures that are not focused on execution.

Note the difference:

Example 1:

Vague: We need to get this done.

Specific: Jim has point to get this done by Thursday, February 1st.

Example 2:

Vague: We need to cut expenses

Specific: Our plan is to cut $5k of expenses ($2k from travel, $1k from advertising, $2k from bonuses), and Jim has point to report back that the cuts have been implemented by Thursday, February 1st.

Example 3:

Vague: We need to create a strategic plan

Specific: Jim, Steve, and Lucy are on point to get together between now and our next meeting to create a proposal that has the following items in it (timeline, steps, resources, and cost) for our strategic plan. We will then approve the plan on Thursday, February 8th.

If you want to out-execute your competitors, make it your mission to eliminate ambiguity by encouraging specificity anytime you see it.

Back 2 Basics:

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an employee just out of college, it never hurts to return to the basics. A good way to harvest new insights is to maintain a beginner’s mindset. This sentiment is behind my “Back 2 Basics” Social Media Series. We go back to the basics to refresh and perhaps find new insights.

About The Nexus Initiative

The Nexus Initiative is a boutique executive coaching firm whose mission is to develop emotionally intelligent and mentally agile leaders and teams. My approach leverages real-world operating experience, multi-disciplinary thinking, industry-leading certifications, and a Wharton MBA.

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