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Change Your Response When Something Triggers You

Updated: Apr 1

We've All Been Triggered Before - But Have You Thought About Where the Burden to Change Lies?

On you? Or, on the other?

The common response is that the burden lies with the other person not to do or say something that upsets me.  They "caused" me to be upset..... but..... did they?

Or, did your emotional programmatic response - to - what they said/did cause your trigger?

In other words, in the latter case the the origin of your trigger resides within you, so it's your work to address. The good news is that also means that freedom from it is also in your control. So, you don't need the other party to do anything in order to get freedom from it.

You can change your behavioral response when something triggers you.

But how? By slowing down your behavioral responses to the trigger and examining what you are feeling when you are triggered, you can gain insight into what inside you is causing the trigger. You can then choose a different behavioral response.

Post about how triggers affect you and how by changing your reaction to them, they no longer have control/power over you.
Thought Provocateur - A Social Media Series of The Nexus Initiative

Thought Provocateur Social Media Series

The inspiration for the Thought Provocateur Social Media Series is that I love it when I encounter questions or bits of wisdom that stop me in my tracks. These are the insights that tend to stay in your head for more than five minutes and may come back later to revisit you.

In times of information overload, these are the tidbits that stand out. It’s when signal outweighs noise.

You tend to remember them because they touch something deep inside of us.

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