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A Simple Technique to Find Out What You Are Avoiding

Updated: Mar 27

We all avoid things we need to work on. The mind can become pretty good at it too.  

Here's a trick to figure out what you are avoiding. When you are doom-scrolling scrolling on your phone at 2am, put it down and see what comes up.

This simple technique can help you find out what you are avoiding. Try it!

Identifying what you are avoiding isn't always as easy as it sounds, so by identifying it, you are one step closer to moving through and past it.

Why does this technique work to find out what you are avoiding?

It's because we often use our phones as a distraction device or as a coping mechanism to help us avoid the things we don't want to think about or confront.

This occurs not only during the day but also at night. At night, it is especially noticeable because there is less stimulus to distract us.

A simple technique to uncover what you are avoiding
Thought Provocateur - A Social Media Series of The Nexus Initiative

Thought Provocateur Social Media Series

The inspiration for the Thought Provocateur Social Media Series is that I love it when I encounter questions or bits of wisdom that stop me in my tracks. These are the insights that tend to stay in your head for more than five minutes and may come back later to revisit you.

In times of information overload we live in, these are the tidbits that stand out. It’s when signal outweighs noise.

You tend to remember them because they touch something deep inside of us.

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